Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Summer Time.

Time to force some inspiration. Through blogging. Because isn't it what people do these days. You are no one until you have a blog. So, onward for me!

I decided today that my "interests," if I were to list them on facebook, would be most accurately described in the shortest amount of words as those which require me to exert the least amount of energy. I don't think this is because I am lazy in the typical way, it's just that I legitimately think I am weighed down by my thoughts.

Today I walked through the Jackson Square Historic District in San Francisco. It was most beautiful and I wanted to move there. Very Charlotte York. Who I think I secretly want to be. Just with a dash more of scatterbrain and heavy dose of eclecticism in my dreamy Park Avenue apartment.

(I didn't take this. Because that would have been the smart blogger thing to do. But it is one of the buildings I loved. I just didn't know it was famous.)

The Hotaling Building in San Francisco's Jackson Square Historic District—
built in 1886 and the largest liquor repository on the west coast—
survived the 1906 Earthquake and Fire prompting Charles Field to write:
"If, as they say, God spanked the town for being over frisky,
why did he burn the churches down and save Hotaling's Whisky?"

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