Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Who invited Steve?

I still really miss my days in Sacramento, where there were trees galore and genuine, chill, interesting people. There were 'hipsters,' for sure, but they were more rugged and seemingly legit than the ones here in San Francisco where everything is a bit too sleazy or overly polished and pretentious. Midtown was relaxed but spirited and no one ever failed to run out of intricately screen-printed tee shirts or quirky hand-made jewelry. The summers were languid and the lightrail rides exhausting, but at the end of the day I could always count on a comforting breeze and good friends.

One of my favorite models, Steve, from SCC and the local workshops, even though I thought he was kind of a creeper. Like, Art School Confidential status where he would "face" certain females all the time (but not as overtly). Either way, he could hella pose. I remember my teacher Frank Zamora for this class, he was such an amazing, talented man.

Finally, For the last bit o' Sacto:
Weeks ago, after what felt like (and probably was) hours of mind-numbingly wandering around facebook, I came across this band page called G. Green that a few people I knew had "liked." And boy, do I like them now, too! I hope this isn't violating any copyright/privacy laws:

It's so inspiring. I love how visceral and almost heart-wrenchingly nostalgic the singer is in conjunction with the really moody, catchy riff. This is what I think of when I think further up North.

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