Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Short Night Visit to Bay Ridge

So I had today off and was starting to feel antsy because I got up way too late, it was raining, ate some shitty food, had a headache, started crying (again) during my home yoga practice, calmed down/cleaned up a bit (/lot) which felt good, talked to my mom, did laundry, while cleaning /having yoga breakdown thought I should text my friend from home asking what her UWS cafe recommendations are and then... got a *BRIGHT LIGHT* idea that it would be way easier and more convenient/useful to check out a new neighborhood that's closer to me.  And that I've been curious about lately, as it's 'up-and-coming' but still authentic. Plus, I was hungry and needed to get out of the house.

After a fairly quick Yelp search on a limited timeframe, I decided on two places because of their proximity to each other and the subway stop.  They were Pizza Wagon and Mocha Mocha. Both mediocre but I really liked the interior of the pizza joint.  I probably won't go back to Mocha Mocha Cafe as the food was overpriced and it had a weird ambiance. However, I'm glad to have at least check off two places on my 'new place' list and that alone feels like an accomplishment.

I really can't wait to explore it in the daylight, especially the beautiful homes that are displayed in this awesome 86th St. metro stop mosaic. I'm obsessed with it! Very much looking forward to the Bay Ridge/Dyker Heights Christmas lights spectacular. I am such an old lady/suburban mom.

(...On the way home I started listening to the Boyhood soundtrack and felt so much better, like I was remembering who I am. The song 'Hero' always does that for me... thankfully)

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