Thursday, January 20, 2011

Design 4 Inspirations

I have mentally compiled a list of possible design 4 inspirations... now they are cyberly compiled.

-picture by jennifer mehigan
*Hotel Oloffson (in Haiti, as seen in Hamilton's zombie special) There are many interesting shapes, cutouts (my favorite), and foliage juxtaposition. I could use Addams family references (Wednesday as a muse, yes???) and I love how Hamilton described it as a "giant haunted doily"
^Hamilton Morris and chemistry/psychedelia/numbersss
#fly fishing flies (they are sooo cool and colorful, i think they look like little aquatic wizards) and Into the Wild/the Alaskan terrain as the ultimate destination for brave, transcendental Aquarian adventurers.
&needlepoint-- what if there was a fabric that was just all needlepoint? like, a repeat of needplepointed roses, dogs, clouds, pumpkins etc. Using the Pointillistic sensibilities and combine it with a True Grit kind of feeling.

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