Friday, June 3, 2011

Design 5/Portfolio Inspirations

Well, it's that time of year again....

1. Topiaries (a continuation of what I was doing/exploring in textiles). Plants, their bold patterns created in aerial views of garden formations, a possible allusion to old english dress or the court of versailles.

2. Pomegranates. Their veiny structure and peircing, exotic red color. Will be very queer looking, surreal, and textural.

3. Fraktur font. This one could be fun, since my interest in typography over these past couple months has really taken fire. The darting angles and curves of the letters, the drama, and old German feeling that this font conjures is very interesting to me. Could do very dark, delve into deeper subject matter.

4. Holden. Frickin'. Caulfield. ((good excuse to re-read Catcher)) Honestly, I feel like he is one of the only people that could ever understand me or at least not judge me and my apparent negativity and 'language' problem.

Pics to come soon. Or maybe not.

Current Inspirations:
-David Foster Wallace
-shoulder length hair or slightly longer
-barren faces
-getting the fuck out

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