Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Color Photography

I'm trying to build a photography portfolio because I think my interests (in terms of physical activity/craft, not inspirations) are narrowing down. For me what it all comes down to for me is color, composition and story, and I think you can best explore these elements altogether- without distraction- in photography. I'm interested in reality and the subtle beauty of it that you experience when you really pay attention, or the vibe it offers that you either want to remember or aren't able to be completely conscious of in the moment that something is happening.

I never really thought about being a 'photographer' in high school/college even though I loved taking pictures because I guess I assumed it was too technical and I don't have any interest in learning about equipment or anything that seems like a barrier to expression. Also, I didn't like what I perceived as the super dramatic/corny aspect of it, like complicated lighting, backgrounds and makeup and shit. However, once I became addicted to disposable cameras and learned more about photographers I truly love, I realized that the medium doesn't have to be like that.

Here is my attempt at an appealing, expressive photo story that hopefully shows a decent range of color. My biggest struggle right now is finding inspiring landscapes and imagery in nature and everyday life that have rich and unique color schemes. I want my photo batches to look like when you google image search William Eggleston and you are just overwhelmed by the insane color and composition variation. I may otherwise have to resort in making my own still lifes out of funny artificial objects but I'm still unsure if the brightness will come across on film or if the images will be cool/professional-enough looking.

**this just looks kind of demonic...

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