Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I had a dream involving high school friends and it gave me perspective.

I am now thankful that I woke up and fell asleep again, only to wake up at 1:02pm. It's strange to me how it's hard to tell when your body is truly ready to get up and take on the day in its best, most energized form.


A group of 4-5 of us were sitting on an elevated grass patch, on a long horizontal hill essentially, overlooking what appeared to be downtown NYC (Empire State in middle). So I think we were on the west side of Manhattan, almost as if on some sort of grassy alien fortess gate. I think it was me, David, Mindy T/Natalie (maybe both?), Auva, Julie from college, and Jessica. Before I arrived there, I was on some sort of plane with Julie in the nighttime. We looked over and I noticed the ocean had a large hot pink area in it, kind of like the outline of an airplane with other small similar marks within the mass. Julie didn't seem to care until I pointed out what it could have symbolized. Then I held up some paper that showed it was some sort of infared reflection. The colors of this dream were forest green, light lime gream, beige, black, and brown with some twinkling (but not romantic) city lights in the distance. A war was going on, it had just started two weeks ago between the USA and South Korea (?). No side had vehemently struck yet, but I was one of the new soldiers who had mandatorily been selected to fight and prep. I think I just finished my two weeks of training and waiting for battle and thankfully nothing bad had happened yet but I was terrified the whole time. I don't think the others had fought.... it was just me. I asked aloud how we will know when the real fighting will start, it could be anytime that something catastrophic happens, it just depends who makes the first move and we do not know. I think David or Auva said something like it just depends who wants to be the aggressor first. I asked if there is a timeframe for this beginning tentativeness that felt almost worse than the real war, as if me and my fellow soldiers were just waiting there to die at any moment, not knowing when to say goodbye to our loved ones and this Earth and that was terrifying. It was hard to stay thankful while being alive and for the present moment because it could distract you from the threat at hand. We were eating take out Chinese food a la Vanessa's Dumplings. While squeezing soy sauce from one of those clear ketchup bottles onto my dumplings in a small box, there was water squirting out from the sizes and getting on Auva. I felt very embarrassed and apologized.

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